Homecoming Beneath the Surface

Mark A. Sequeira

Growing up, my Dad always told us that Morehouse made him the man that he was.  I thought about that when it was time for me to choose a college/university.  If Morehouse made men like my Dad, then there was really only one place for me to go.  It was a no-brainer really.  If you were to ask around, you’d likely find that many alumni decided to attend based on their exposure to or interaction with a Morehouse graduate.  A teacher, mentor, neighbor, church member, etc.  One of Morehouse’s most potent recruiting strategies is the shining example of its graduates.  Actually being the man that young boys want to become.  The phenomenology of this can’t be overstated.  There are alumni who didn’t even consider college an option, until a singular Morehouse graduate urged them to at least submit an application.  Morehouse is the kind of place that changes lives, quite literally.


Morehouse will challenge ideas you thought you held firm, redefine misconceptions you accepted as universal, and compel you to pursue the best version of yourself.  This isn’t merely conjecture or exaggerated academic propaganda.  Ask the parents of any alumnus or current student, and they will often proudly exclaim that they could literally see a difference in their son when he came home for Christmas break.  A comprehensive assessment of the academic, pedagogical, ideological, socio-economic impacts of Morehouse (and HBCU’s in general) is beyond the scope of this modest piece.  Several books can (should) be written about this. Now consider this writing to be the introduction paragraph to the preface of just one of those books, and imagine all that such a book would entail.  Individual struggles, perseverance, enlightenment, within the context of an environment conducive to being unapologetically Black.  Homecoming is the annual celebratory manifestation of all these things.  It’s so much more than just a football game.  Quite honestly, the actual football game is a secondary event (sorry football team).  So, the next time you hear someone expressing excitement about Homecoming, don’t roll your eyes.  When you see people posting pictures ad nauseum on social media, don’t say to yourself “What’s the big deal anyway?”  Instead, consider things from our perspective.  At Morehouse we were redefined, renewed, and reborn.  In that sense, Morehouse is every bit of home, and returning home should always be met with superlative celebrations.    Homecoming.


My Dad.  Trying to be like him.


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